Saturday, 19 May 2007

A Unique World First Portal - to manage your Product Warranties and Content insurance

For the first time, there is something useful for individuals and small business owners to use and take advantage of. A world first concept that allows YOU to be in total control of your Valuable Assets, Personal effects, office equipment, Jewelery and much, much more. is a new concept that allows you to store, retrieve and analyse your product warranties and home/ business contents insurance.

In every day life, when you purchase any item, be it White goods, Electronics, Jewelery or furniture - you are presented with the item and a receipt. In the modern world if you want to retain the warranty of your newly purchased assets, you need to retain the proof of purchase i.e. RECEIPT/ INVOICE. In most cases, we either lose the receipt or the information, in turn losing the right to claim warrranty on the asset.

So, we developed a secure online webportal, where you can store and track the purchase information of all your assets, be it at home or at work. Once you have all your products online on a secure environment, you can also add up the values to get a better handle at your home contents - for insurance purposes.

Want more?? This web portal is absolutely FREE your use. So get in there, register and start posting your products online.

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